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Top 7 Cost of Living Questions Asked of Google

Wondering what income you need to make to afford your life? You’re not alone.

Many people wonder how much things cost!

If you Google ‘how much does it cost to,” you see the top seven search results are the cost to…

…renovate a bathroom

…build a house

…charge a tesla

…paint a car

…freeze your eggs

…build a pool

…change your name

Fascinating! Life is FULL of things we want to do and ways we want to live, but we rarely see how much income we need to cover our day-to-day cost of living.

If you’re new to living on your own, or making a change in career income, how do you get a good quick estimate?

Try the Income Estimator

The DeBruce Foundation Income Estimator helps you identify an income range you’ll need for your chosen lifestyle by answering five multiple choice questions.  It can also help you consider career and living options to make sure you get what’s most important to you in a financially smart way.

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  • If you are strongly motivated by a lavish lifestyle, you’ll be able to focus on career steps that will lead you to the highest pay levels, no matter how hard the path.
  • If you have a passion to work in a field that pays less, but you will happily economize at home, it’s reassuring to see how you can meet your goals.
  • If it’s all new to you and you don’t know how far your new income will stretch, it’s much better to have an estimate and live within your means than to overspend and get in financial trouble.
  • And if you are having trouble making ends meet no matter what you do, it’s not you – it’s just too tough to live on the lowest income levels and it’s time to make a change into something that pays more.
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