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Carlos, veteran, age 23, makes a career transition

Carlos is also recovering from an injury.

Carlos' top Agility is:

Operating Objects

Meet Carlos, a veteran making a transition into a new civilian career.

In six weeks Carlos will be completing his Army service. He is looking for a career in a growing industry, with good pay and the opportunity for advancement.Carlos, a veteran in his 20s looks for income growth


Carlos entered the Army six weeks after graduating from high school. At that time he was not sure what he wanted to do.

In the Army, he was assigned to a combat battalion. Now he could use your help figuring out how to use his skills and grow his income in the civilian workforce.

In this activity, you’ll use the Occupation Decoder to help Carlos discover some new career options.

We are looking for careers that feature Carlos’ top Agility of Operating Objects and pay more than his current pay.

Click below to read his story and learn more. You might be surprised by how much you can discover in just a few minutes. You may even get ideas for yourself.

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