Agilities is a proprietary concept of The DeBruce Foundation. Developed to name clusters of work activities common across all occupations.

The DeBruce Foundation develops and supports products, innovation, and sustainability in the spaces of education and workforce development to change how people pursue careers. This includes partnering with educators, employers, and agencies to identify and close workforce gaps and designing resources to help individuals unlock their potential to find new career pathways. 

The DeBruce Foundation conducts research to assess patterns of employment, income, and work conditions in America. Read the Employment Empowerment report for the latest data on how we can build resilient careers through two factors: career literacy and strong networks. 

Agilities.org is The Foundation’s hub of career literacy tools and resources intended to raise awareness of the value one brings to the marketplace, affirm the knowledge an individual already has about themselves, and activate them to be a better-informed career decision-maker.

The DeBruce Foundation is a national foundation committed to expanding career pathways. Since its public launch in 2019, the Agile Work Profiler© has been taken in all 50 states, and the number of cities grows every day! Join the 150,000+ people who have already taken the Agile Work Profiler© and discover your Agilities today!