Agile Work Profiler

In 15 minutes or less, find out your ranked Agilities by taking the Agile Work Profiler©!

This free career assessment takes 15 minutes or less.

Generates Affirmation and Awareness To Activate Your Career

Taking into account both your interests and abilities, The DeBruce Foundation’s free career assessment tool – the Agile Work Profiler (AWP) – gives you a ranked set of “Agilities,” which are universal to all occupations.  With the knowledge of your Agilities, you can better explore the careers in which you are most interested, learn how much training and education is required, find out how much they typically pay, and discover other careers that could also be a good fit.

The AWP can help you launch your career, decide on your next step, or consider how your strengths can be used to better lead your business. The AWP can benefit anyone seeking to better understand and develop their career skills.


Developed through data analysis and tested through research, The DeBruce Foundation created the Agile Work Profiler as one tool to help expand career pathways. 

The Foundation analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on more than 1,000 jobs. Included in this data were the activities, abilities, and skills used in those jobs and what makes an individual effective in them. Through advanced estimation techniques, we found all jobs in the workforce use the same clusters of work activities, just in different amounts; we call those work activities, Agilities

The Agile Work Profiler was then developed to help you identify the Agilities you are best at and most enjoy using.  

For additional background, read the science behind the Agile Work Profiler.

“I have always struggled when writing my resume on documenting my skills. Now I feel this would be a more clear way to express my interests and skills on a resume or with future employers in interviews.”