Certified Agilities Coach

Learn to build an Agilities© culture!

Teach career literacy by becoming a Certified Agilities© Coach and help others become better informed career decision-makers.

Training Overview

The DeBruce Foundation deeply values the role of formal and informal educators, counselors, and career navigators in coaching students and clients in their career journey. Our in-person training will allow you the opportunity to see first hand all the resources The Foundation has to offer for your students and clients. You will learn how to implement and facilitate the Agilities© resources into your existing curriculum or program in order to make a difference in the lives of people you serve.

Expected Outcomes

YOU will become AWARE of the 10 Agilities of Work and be able to teach others how they are present in their work, volunteer, and personal lives. Agilities are the building blocks of career success.

YOU will AFFIRM your Agilities and lead others to AFFIRM their Agilities to help expand economic pathways for various stakeholders in the area.

YOU will ACTIVATE your Agilities and be able to teach others how to ACTIVATE their Agilities to prepare for a successful tomorrow.

10 Agilities of Work
Note: Only Certified Agilities Coaches may access the training sites below.

Without the Certified Agilities Coach training I would not understand all the assets The DeBruce Foundation has to offer and the best ways to implement them with the students.

Rebecca Kessler

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Each training site includes syllabi, training modules, videos, slide decks, handouts, and more. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email [email protected].