Draw Your Future with Agilities

This engaging and fun goal-setting activity helps one think critically about their Agilities within the context of their current reality, desired future, and the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

The DeBruce Foundation partners with Patti Dobrowolski of Up Your Creative Genius to combine her interactive workshop, Draw Your Future with the Agile Work Profiler, creating a beneficial career planning workshop for students or adults. Feel free to participate in this interactive activity below on your own, or if you are interested in having one of our facilitators lead this activity, please contact [email protected]. 

Check out one of these fun workshops below to identify and visualize your goals for the future.

It will take approximately 1 hour.

Draw Your Future with Agilities

Interactive activity that helps one identify and visualize broad goals for the future.

Draw Your Future with Agilities – Job Search

Interactive activity that helps one identify and visualize goals for the future with a focus on career planning or pivoting into a new job.

All you’ll need is a pen, the below map template or piece of blank paper, and a readiness to dream!

Click to download a copy of the map.
Click to download Leveraging Your Agilities

Additional Resources

Drawing 101

Below is a quick lesson to get you ready to Draw Your Future with Agilities.

Power of Beliefs

Check out this short enhancement video to help users understand the limiting beliefs that can get in the way of making positive change.

Share your future with us!

Post your completed map to your preferred social media platform.