K-12 Resources

Help K-12 students build confidence and prepare for bright careers!

New K-12 Career Literacy resources, Agilities for Elementary, Agilities for Middle School, and Agilities for High School and Beyond are fully funded by The DeBruce Foundation and available to enhance all learning environments.

By integrating the Agilities© into your learning environment…

Students grow confidence and gain Career Literacy to plan for their future.

Educators develop students to be informed career decision-makers.

Families nurture confident youth to have a vision for their future careers.

Administrators build quality career development programming for all students.

What do other educators think? 

“Using Agilities helps me better engage students in the classroom, so they can articulate their strengths and interests and connect their experiences to possible careers. The Agilities career development resources are truly unmatched.” -Ellie Lilly, Educator and Agilities Coach

Learn more for your district, school, or organization

For an overview of these Career Literacy resources, join us for an Introduction to Agilities Resources for Educators. This one-hour, live, interactive webinar is suited for administrators, instructional coaches, counselors, classroom educators, and those leading after-school programming or other youth development initiatives.

K-12 Career Literacy resources available to you right now

Access the Agile Work Profiler©, Career Explorer Tools©, and the following Welcome Kits to start implementing the Agilities in your learning environment:

Ready to access more K-12 Career Literacy resources?

Attend free, asynchronous, virtual training to gain access! The training coursework will take approximately two hours and must be done within 30 days of registration. Review the training syllabus for expected outcomes, the value of integrating Agilities in learning environments, course guide by module, and learning pathways with timing. Once completed, you will gain access to the following resources:

  • Agilities for Elementary
  • Agilities for Middle School
  • Agilities for High School and Beyond

Register for the free, asynchronous, virtual training associated with the grade levels of your choice.