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Tabitha is changing careers as a working mom

Tabitha, an administrative assistant and mom in her 20's, is balancing parenting and career growth. How can she grow her income from here?

Tabitha's top agility is:

Working with Information

Changing careers as a working mom

Since her son Joseph was born, Tabitha has struggled to make ends meet. It was not easy to get ahead as a single mother, but after six years she made real headway and has a two-bedroom apartment and a car.

Tabitha works as an assistant in a local university, where she collects data and compiles reports.

She really wants to get into the technology end of data collection so that she can create a great life for her son and herself.

The university where Tabitha works offers many programs at no cost to employees.

Tabitha wants to identify a specific career pathway so she can move forward.  Let’s look for careers that feature her top Agility, Working with Information.

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