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3 Ways Lila Can Turn Her High School Jobs Into a Six-Figure Career

Lila wanted a car and savings for college, so she worked two jobs in high school. Now as a senior, she's looking ahead to where those experiences can take her.

Lila's Top Agilities are:


Judging and Estimating

Working with Information

Lila is a graduating high school senior.  Congratulations!

She is currently working part-time at a clothing boutique. Her friends love to come shop when she’s working at the store because she always makes them feel so welcome.  Her co-workers really enjoy working with her too because she is so good at making sure everyone works well together. Lila likes the work, but mostly, she likes knowing she is building a nest egg for her future.

With these jobs, Lila knows she will have enough money for her living expenses in college. She can also see she can soon take on bigger work challenges, but which ones? She has been advised by business people in her family that an accounting career is a good profession, but she is open to options.

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