Agile XP

Build your career literacy and network strength a few minutes at a time with interactive self-reflection activities.

In the time it takes to play Wordle or Candy Crush you can strengthen your Career Literacy and Network Strength 

Career literacy skills and a strong network create employment empowerment that has you earning more with greater choice and security. Check out Agile XP today!

BUT, careers and networking can be uncomfortable when you’re not sure about what you want or how you bring value to employers. Agile XP is a quick way to get more comfortable with your choices, get more confident in your value, get inspired to connect, and get new opportunities.

Who should try Agile XP?
Whether you are a student age 13+, an experienced professional, a new career seeker, or returning to work in a new chapter of life, Agile XP from The DeBruce Foundation helps you learn more about yourself to make more informed career decisions. 

What are Agile XP programs and how long do they take?

XP is short for experience. Each experience takes 10 minutes or less with stories and activities. They make you think and inspire career action. Activities are not timed and can be retaken. All experiences are saved in your private portal.

How can I take Agile XP and how much does it cost?

Agile XP programs are provided by The DeBruce Foundation to the community at no cost to you. Access the latest Agile XP programs now using the buttons below. 

*To protect privacy, individuals are the only ones who can see their data inside Agile XP.

I have more confidence in my abilities and what I have to offer. My career is in my control.


Agile XP: Career Me

Agile XP logo and Career Me graphic

Career Me will help you:

  • see opportunities
  • wow others with your strengths and interests*
  • motivate yourself to grow and learn even when it is uncomfortable
  • get paid more when you strengthen your career and network skills

Just like Clark Kent developed a new identity as Superman, you have the opportunity to choose your career identity again and again. Have some fun imagining who you’ll be next and how you’ll get there. We recommend starting with Career Me as your first program.

*Start with knowing your strengths and interests by taking the free Agile Work Profiler.

15 activities

Agile XP: Network Me

Agile XP logo and Network Me graphic

Network Me will help you:

  • evaluate your personal network
  • learn how to grow your network, even if you haven’t been interested in networking in the past

Having a great network and earning a great reputation is gold, and you can get it!

5 activities