For Educators

Mentors can build confidence in others by helping them become aware of their Agilities, affirming they have value and making connections to potential education and career opportunities.

Mentoring with Agilities©

Mentors make a difference! No matter what role you play, you can learn mentoring strategies that build confidence in others and reinforce the skills to help others explore interests, and plan and prepare for their future. The ten Agilities© of work are the work skills found in all jobs in the economy, so they are a useful framework for self-reflection and exploring careers. Build your capacity to be a better mentor by leveraging the Agilities.

See individuals reflect on ways the Agilities help them mentor others, by recognizing Agilities, creating opportunities and expanding pathways.

Now that you’ve seen the Agilities in action, watch Agilities Training: Mentoring to get practical strategies for using Agilities to mentor others.

Ready to get started?

Take the Agile Work Profile and learn your Agilities.  Reflect on your own career journey and how you have grown and developed Agilities over time. Then practice telling your story using Agilities. Remember, Agilities are a combination of your skills and interests so they do and will change over time with new experiences.

Now you’re ready to mentor with Agilities. Help others become aware of their Agilities by taking the Agile Work Profiler. Notice and name the skills they are using in their lives and help them tell their unique story using Agilities on resumes or profiles.

Affirm that Agilities have value… that everyone has skills that are valuable. Then introduce resources like the Career Explorer Tools that can help individual connect their top Agilities to potential careers.

Thank you for taking time to serve others and becoming an agile mentor!