Build Confidence and Awareness in your Student's Abilities

Agilities for Elementary

Learning about the Agilities is a great foundation for students of any age. In the elementary grade levels, exposing students to all the Agilities is a great start. The lessons build awareness and develop Agilities through community building, collaborative work, classroom responsibility, and content integration. By building awareness and developing Agilities early, you help students build confidence in their abilities and set the foundation for future success.

Our team has developed a free welcome kit of resources highlighting the benefits of incorporating Agilities for students in elementary school. These resources are intended to complement existing curriculum.

If you have questions or would like to stay updated on new resources that become available, please connect with us, HERE.

Click the image to download Agilities for Elementary Welcome Kit.
(double-sided printable version)

Developing the Agilities in students from a young age levels the playing field for kids. They can grow up utilizing their strengths to a greater degree and make informed choices about their education and career choices. The Agilities foster a sense of independence, responsibility, and team working at an earlier age. 

Rebecca Kessler, Elementary Teacher