Adult Learners

Create a Successful Next Chapter in One’s Career

Going back to school, making a career change, or re-entering the workforce can be a game-changer. With the right tools, individuals can make informed career decisions and create a successful next chapter in their career.

By integrating the Agilities resources into schools, career centers, and job training programs, you can provide adult learners and job seekers with the tools to help them succeed. They can explore a wide range of potential careers, affirm the value they bring to the workforce, and understand how their prior work and life experience can translate to their new career.

With knowledge of their Agilities, individuals can assess the skills they have and those they would like to develop to get the job they desire. They can also discover additional careers into which they can quickly pivot, articulate their strengths, and represent their skills to a future employer. We look forward to working with you as you support adult learners toward the next step in their career journeys.

“I was able to look at my career choices more in depth.”