Spark a new career interest

How do you know if you might like a career? Explore a job in just one minute with The DeBruce Foundation Occupation Decoder.

Your bigger future can open right before your eyes.

There are so many careers that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But, you can use your Organizing Agility to make sense of your options. Considering more career options can have a big impact on your life – from what you’re paid, to what you learn, who you work with, and the impact you have on your community and the world.

Try the Occupation Decoder

Each career has unique pros and cons, lots of ways to do the job, and lots to learn.

To encourage you to look at more careers than just the ones you’ve heard of before, The DeBruce Foundation created a tool that would let you look at a job option in just one minute and give you an idea about what that job is like.

Think of how many careers you could check out in 10 minutes a day… Even if not every one is right for you, you’ll learn a lot about what others are doing and the pay for different jobs. As you gain experience, some of these may be more interesting to you at different times.

This DeBruce Foundation experience is an activity utilized on the EvolveMe™ platformLearn more about our partnership with American Student Assistance.


Practice your career skills by using the Occupation Decoder to learn a lot about a job in just one minute. Estimated time: 5 minutes to learn, 1 minute to use afterwards!