is a career resource provided at no charge by The DeBruce Foundation to expand career pathways to economic growth and opportunity. These resources focus on youth career development but work just as well for career advancement and career-change success. Enjoy!
1. Get Career Direction in 10 Minutes Or Less
with the Agile Work Profiler©
The Agile Work Profiler will help you discover how you can use your skills and interests across many careers.

FACT: The national college graduation rate is now just 50%. 
Lack of career direction is a top reason that people drop out of college. BUT, you don’t have just one way to succeed, you have many! Find out more by taking the Agile Work Profiler.
What's Your Top Agility?


Selling and Communicating

Working with Information

and Caring

2. Once you know your current Agilities, use the interactive Career Explorer Tools.
Learn about income, preparation, work activities, and demand for each career.
FACT: 95% of high schoolers consider 5 or fewer careers before making big education and work choices. Use your Agile Work Profiler results to explore careers you may not have heard of yet that could be interesting and pay well.
What's next in your career?

Learn About Careers

Go Back to School


Change Careers

Stay Competitive

3. Get the Agility Advantage! 
Improve your career success skills with the Agility App. COMING SOON!
In just a few minutes a day, train yourself in the Mindset, Skills Mastery, and Market Knowledge that make it easier to get a job, grow in a job, and manage opportunities and challenges throughout your life.

FACT: Students who participate in Agility Advantage career activities report feeling more confident about overcoming financial obstacles and other barriers.
Where Should We Send Your FREE Agile Career Kit?
Your Kit includes:
- Introduction to the Agile Career Model
- Agile Career Worksheet to personalize your plan
- Access to all Career Explorer digital tools
- First to receive new career training and resources
It's Time To Build Your Agility

I have a choice.

I have a choice.

I have a choice.

I have a choice.

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